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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Glossybox - October 2012

The Glossybox theme for the month of October was Spa Luxe. You know: settle in, pamper yourself, hide from the wet and chilly autumn weather.  This is definitely a theme I'm on board with, even though I love the cooler fall temps, because my weekly schedule is pretty bananas. We're up at the crack of dawn (usually by 6:30am) and from then until 8:30/9pm when I finally collapse on the couch with my dinner, I'm busy-busy-busy. I desperately need more pampering! ((and this is why i spoil myself rotten with makeup/skin care and my hubby never says a word)).  Here's what Glossybox sent for my enjoyment:

I've been curious about the Alterna Bamboo products so I was happy to receive the Luminous Shine Mist from this hair care line.  This spray is made with "Indian gooseberry and organic bamboo" and controls frizz while providing shine without weighing down your hair.  So does it? Yeah, I guess it does.  A few spritzes after my hair is dry and styled seems to add some shine and I don't end up with that greasy look that some shine mists cause.  It certainly makes my hair smell nice.  Will I invest in it in the future? Probably not.  It's not bad, but I don't see it as a necessity for me.  And I was unable to confirm if Alterna is cruelty free.  I did attempt to contact their customer service but didn't receive a response. As always, if I do hear from them, I will update this post.

We've had a really dry fall around here and I'm feeling it in my skin.  I've been going through hand and body lotion like a mad woman so the Shea Souffle from Carol's Daughter was a welcome sight in my Glossybox.  This is a super rich moisturizer made with Shea butter, cocoa butter and jojoba oil but no parabens, mineral oil or artificial colors.  It's thicker than a "normal" lotion but not as thick as a body butter and isn't greasy at all.  It absorbs quickly into the skin and the scent is really very nice.  I received Ecstasy which is sugared strawberry, island mango and Egyptian musk.  I don't find it to be overpowering but it does linger nicely on the skin.  I have to say that I do love this stuff.  A lot.  I would not hesitate to buy it in the future.  Carol's Daughter is cruelty free.

Loofa in a soap! Genius!  The Heartland Fragrances exfoliating loofa soap has the loofa "baked" right in there. See?  Genius!  This is a hand-poured glycerin soap that has a strong floral scent.  Some might find it to be too strong, but I like it.  And it goes well with the Ecstasy Shea souffle.  The loofa is a bit firm and scratchy for the first few uses so those with sensitive skin should be cautious.  For some of my more delicate areas, I just lather up my hands rather than using the soap.  It leaves my skin feeling nice and clean, with a pretty fragrance.  As an added bonus, the scent lingers around the whole bathroom.  The only thing that makes me sad is that I was again unable to confirm if Heartland Fragrances is cruelty free.  They are a small company out of St.Louis, MO so I have my doubts that they are testing on animals, but I did not receive a response to my customer service inquiry.  And that's a shame because they have some super cutie rubber duck soaps that would make great gifts for the millions of pregnant friends I have (ok, ok it's only 5 friends).

From Modelco, Glossybox sent yet another lippie.  This one is a lipstick and high shine gloss combo that could also double as a beat-stick, it's so bulky and heavy.  The lipstick is a creamy but neutral mauve/brown color called Dusk while the soft and shiny gloss is Striptease.  I was pleasantly surprised at how nice this feels on my lips.  The lipstick goes on smoothly without feathering and the gloss glides right over top.  It doesn't dry out or get goopy in the corners of my mouth either.  Fortunately my purse is large enough to accommodate this duo because I do like it despite the size.  And as long as I'm complaining about the packaging, let's also talk about the little mirror on the side.  Um, that's a nice thought but because the lipstick is on one end and the gloss applicator is on the other, you can't actually use it to make sure you're not scribbling up the side of your face. Guess it's just meant to check your work after you put it on.  The Modelco website says they don't test on animals (only models).

The last item sent this month is from Nastassja Skin and is a natural enzyme facial peel.  Using ingredients found in nature, this peel gently gets rid of dead skin to make your face look younger, fresher and healthier.  Because it doesn't contain harsh chemicals, it can be used several times a week.  It goes on like a thick gel and has a light citrus smell to it.  I didn't feel a thing when I applied it; no burning, no tingling, no stinging.  After 3 minutes, I started to massage my face to liquefy the peel and slough off the dead skin.  Then I rinses my face like crazy because I had a hard time getting it all off.  I didn't notice an immediate difference, but the mornings after, my face did feel softer and look more even-toned.  I like that Nastassja Skin uses healthy ingredients in their products and doesn't test on animals.  I'm not in the market for an enzyme peel right now (don't use 'em) but this one would be on my list if I was.

Glossybox also included their Glossybox Mag and a discount code for 20% off a Physique 57 workout DVD.

I have been able to use and actually liked using every item in this box (except the DVD discount).  That made it a million times more difficult to let my subscription with Glossybox lapse.  When they launched in May, I signed up for 6 months and so our time together is now over.  I thought a lot about what I wanted to do because Glossybox is $21 a month and was my most expensive sub.  However, each month has unquestionably contained over $21 of products.  So why say goodbye?  Well, I don't get enough use out of every item.  The key here is what I will use and love.  And now I have a drawer and cupboard filled with skincare items that I've used once or twice.  I would not rule out a future subscription but for now, I bid au revoir to Glossybox.  I'll have something new for you in November, no worries!

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  1. I have to agree- not products I use enough to justify the sub! I hope they revamp their product selections, as I really liked their first few boxes....